Thursday, June 15, 2006

Opening the Window...

The other day I was online and I stumbled across a friend's blog. I hadn't been aware that he kept a blog, so I perused the contents and was quite surprised by what I read. Its not that there was anything shocking or outlandish, it was just that the blog postings painted a very different picture of him than I had in my mind - it was full of pieces of him that I've never seen.

This got me thinking about the whole blogging concept, and reminded me of a lyric from a 54-40 song: "I want you to know me only as what I believe I am." Its really a true statement, and one that often comes up in my mind. The Internet can hide who we are, and we read and hear about instances of this all the time, but it can also show a much more complete picture of who we are - or at the very least flesh that picture out and fill in the cracks.

I don't know what this blog will end up being. I can't say at this point whether it will become a confession of my innermost thoughts or a collection of sarcastic observations on the minutae of life, but hopefully the net result will be a window onto a true version of "me" for all of you who are scattered over the world - in Korea, Canada, Bosnia, France, Holland the UK, etc.

One thing I can be pretty sure of, as is already evidenced by this intro, a lot of song lyrics will show up. I have a knack for remembering lyrics and lines (or at least paraphrasing them more-or-less accurately), and I think that this is because words have always been my primary way of interacting with and understanding the world. Some people focus more on the rhythm and the tune or the day, getting the general tone and ambiance of the song or the world. However, I focus on the little details, with each word being mined for the many potential meanings it lends the whole.

And basically, it is more than often the case that someone else has said it better than I ever could: "I am worthless sounds compared to all your perfect words."

The original inspiration to start this internet version of me was to post pics from my recent travels through Cambodia, England, Egypt, Jordan and Israel. I still hope to do this, but I am not convinced that this is the proper forum/format for posting hundreds of pics (I took over 1500). Thus, I'll just add a pic that I like a lot to this post - I took it in May 2005 at Terance Bay in Nova Scotia.

Enjoy :)

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naly said...

nice introduction. we have the same layout. heh.