Monday, April 30, 2007

A Sonata for a Good Man

What do you take with you after you see a truely remarkable film, or read a book that truely transports you into another life, another time or - to be more succinct - another perspective?

It adds - if only for the length of the film or the few hours or days when its impact lingers - to the richness of the experience that you have to draw on when evaluating your world, your life, your self.

It inspires...right? That's what art is created for, isn't it?

Don't you leave the theater wanting to write a symphony, save the third world, root out corruption, express your true love or regain your lost one, travel to see the untouched and seemingly unreachable - tap the very vein of excitement and adventure and richness of experience that our world has to offer, and that was beautifully captured and distilled to its essence on the silver screen.

So these movies and pages and tunes are a slice of the raw material for the lives that we live everyday. They prod us to aspire for greater things - or maybe they judge us...or mock us.

Maybe they show you that the dreams that you once had were just as big and just as inspiring, but that they are already slipping away. That you don't even recognize what they are any more.

Are you getting cynical, or is it just for today?

Are you a good man?

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