Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Trail I Tread...

The answer to that universal question: "Where am I headed? What is my path in Life" is so easy to answer in my case - I am headed to India, my path leads through Pokahara and on to Bangalor via Agra and the Taj.

I am not trying to make light of what is as serious and weighty a question for me as it is for anyone. To be honest, in my vanity and self-consciousness, I tend to think that these questions weigh heavier on myself than on many others.

However, I do think that the next stage of my search will play out between Nepal and India, where I am seriously considering spending an extended period of time. Right now I am contemplating spending anywhere from the next 6 months to the next 2 years here on the Indian sub-continent, exploring more of myself, the practice of yoga and the intrinsically linked experience of meditation.

To do this I am, I admit, digging heavily into my savings, which could be considered irresponsible from some angles. However, I tend to think that I have been blessed with having some disretionary funds, and that it would be foolish of me not to use them to improve my body, mind and spirit in any way possible. No?

"Please Bleed"
I am, contrary to prior reports, missing my music at times. This morning I so wanted to listen to Ben Harper's "Burn to Shine," particularly the track Please Bleed. On the weekend it was Stan Rogers that I had a hankering for, and before that I went through a phase of really needing ome Brand New Heavies - which really doesn't fit with the calming nature of yoga and meditation well, but is just plain groovy in any case :)

"Fight For Your Mind"
But the iPod has been sold, and I am left with just my own mind to learn to live with.

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