Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mastery Over the Modification of the Mind

Speed Kills
I am not writing to say that I have found enlightenment, although I guess that it would not be far off the mark to say that I have found the secret - speed kills. We spend about 30% of our lives asleep (roughly guesstimating), and sleep is meant to be a time of perfect peace equivalent to samadhi (bliss or enlightenment) - a time for the body and mind to process the stimuli of the day and reattain equilibrium.

However, if one's mind never slows in the day, and through lifestyle we even become accustomed to our minds not slowing at night, how can we ever get even a moment of true peace in our lives? If our sleep state is restless with thoughts and ideas via half sleep and restless dreams, how can we expect our waking life to be one of peace?

At times I reach a point of desperation, and have actually uttered the oxymoronic: "I am desperate to find peace of mind."

Well, as I mentioned, I already know that the key is to slow down the mind. To that end, I have to increase my focus on meditation and calming my mind instead of constantly brutalizing and blaming my body, which is, after all, only displaying the symptoms of the stress and speed I carry all through the wakeful day and the restless night.

This is not a sudden swing in my ideas of direction or plans, but is a development or refinement of what I planned to do in India/Nepal from the start. This also in no way implies that I will focus any less on yoga or my body - yoga is a mediation, after all - but I do need to go more directly to the source of my stress, agitation and disquiet.

I have begun my mediation in a rudimentary and basic way via yoga, ana pana (focusing on the breathe) and pranayama (yogic breathing). I would say that I have not been so "successful" thus far, but that would be overly harsh - after all, if you are an infant and you crawl, you are not judged "unsuccessful" at walking!

So I will keep you updated as my journey progresses, and wish you all peace and balance in your mind, your body and your spirit :)

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